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About The Author

Candy St. James (aka Alma Grier-Milby) is graduate from the Art Institute of Philadelphia majoring in Commercial Art Production (now called Industrial Design), where she graduated with a 3.5 grade average.  At the Writer’s Digest School of Creative Writing she developed her writing skills and used some of her real life experiences to create A.P.R., a story filled with intrigue and excitement based on an actual company where she once worked as a Receptionist. She continued with her interest in art by creating floral illustrations and landscapes using watercolor as her media of choice. She is still proud of and amazed by her self-taught artistic accomplishments.

 An ever-increasing thirst for more creative avenues, inspired her to write two magazine articles, also based on actual experiences, and she once held the position of  Newsletter Editor for the American Society of Inventors (ASI: the nation’s oldest inventor organization). With children of her own, she used her unique insight and understanding of a child’s world, which inspired her first Children’s Book, (The Adventures of Succotash and Sookey, the Ostrich), a captivating and enchanting tale that’s sure to endear her to children near and far. The completed 3-Part Book Series will contain approximately 150 illustrations and  a Glossary for each book in the series. (currently pending production and publication)

Candy St. James has an extensive background in the corporate arena as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager. She held a position on the ASI’s Board of Directors, and memberships in the Writer’s Digest School and Book Club and the Society of Children’sBook Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). Her most recent endeavor with (AWAI) American Writers and Artist, Inc. helped to realize her dream of becoming a successful Copywriter. Visit

She has a background as a trained Jazz Singer and as a child was selected to be an Extra in a popular Feature Motion Picture for Universal Studios.  In High School, she excelled as a Seamstress and Fashion Designer.  ​She made many of her own clothes, including her own Cotillion gown. Household decor, such as curtains, pleated drapes and pillow covers were among some of her favorite things to create.

If you’re wondering which are her real life experiences: She gave birth to her first child in a Home for Unwed Mothers where she went into labor minutes after her roommate.

Of course, those are not all of her secrets.  More later . . . maybe!

 A native Californian born in San Diego and raised in Los Angeles, she currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Now Only $10.00!

Candy St. James