"The Adventures of Succotash and Sookey, the Ostrich is an enchanting tale of animal friends.  The book also introduces children to animals native to Australia with examples of life lessons on friendship, problem solving, teamwork, helping others and avoiding bullies.  It is written in an easy to understand manner for reading aloud or for advanced young readers."

Sue Eshbach

Director, Darby Public Library
Darby, Pennsylvania


The Adventures of Succotash and Sookey, the Ostrich

My First Critique and Positive Words of Encouragement
“Keep Up the Good Work!”

Manuscript Critique – Book II, Chapter One
“Intriguing opening . . . Good Ongoing Movement of Story . . . Good!”

             “I enjoyed reading your children’s story.  It’s a grabber.  It starts-off running in the first paragraph and never stops.  You know how to get into the child’s voice, which is what it takes if you want to write for this age group.  Your characters are alive and you write lively dialogue that keeps the story moving.  I’m eager to see more of your writing in future lessons at which time my comments will be more specific.”
Gloria Kempton

Instructor, Writer’s Digest School
Children’s Book Author



The Adventures of Succotash, and Sookey, the Ostrich is a 3-Part Children’s Book Series Targeted for young and middle readers or for reading aloud.  Each Book in the Series ends with a 'Cliffhanger' including Book Three, which leaves open the possibility for future Books in the Series.

Authored By, Candy St. James


            Manuscript:     Completed w/Glossary For Each Book
            Page Breaks:  Completed w/Illustration Instructions

             Book Covers:
            Book One:       Honey’s Oak – Partially Completed
            Book Two:       The Train To Briarcliff – Partially Completed
            Book Three:     Destination Kookaburra – Pending Development

            Approximately 150 Full Color Story Illustrations:     Pending Production




Charlie, the Squirrel

Hilly, the Rabbit

Dudley, the Honey Bear

Winston, the Owl

Now Only $10.00!

Now Only $10.00!

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Robbie, the Raccoon

Butch, the Beaver

The Adventures of Succotash and Sookey, the Ostrich ​is about an "unlikely" mix of forest animals who live in an old hollowed-out oak tree affectionately called Honey's Oak, located on the outskirts of the Hunnicut Farm.  Their daily escapades leads them on a chase along the river's edge and to a discovery that takes them half way 'round the world.

On a fun-filled mission to help their new-found friend, Sookey, the Ostrich, return to Kookaburra, his home on an Australian wild-life preserve, the gang encounters such dangers as being chased by a mean old Boar, beguiled by a crafty sly Fox, kidnapped by the Dingo Brothers and outwitting ol' Pete, a territorial and cranky old Crocodile . . . and more.

While meeting new friends along the way, their exciting and perilous journey takes them to parts unknown.