APR is an exhilarating tale that examines what men will do for money and how people react under dire circumstances.  I won’t say that APR has the most original concept, but what it does have is very intriguing dialogue and interesting characters. In this day and age it is almost impossible to create a completely original concept; so it is very important to keep the reader entertained, which APR does very well. One of the best qualities of this book is its pacing. The author Candy St. James contrived a clever plot which remains exciting till the end.  There are times where minor characters have too much dialogue or there is too much explanation in their background. However, this does not interfere too much with the pacing of the book; I just felt it was unneeded to the grand scheme of it all. Since this book is about 220 pages I can easily recommend this book to friends, family and colleagues. I am honored to be one of the first reviewers of this book and I highly recommend it. Hopefully this is not the last we here from Candy St. James because after reading APR it lft me wanting more. 


Stephan DeShazo, Computer Tech, Gen-xr  

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Reviewer #1

   When Zoe Pendergast is kidnapped and a $1 million ransom is demanded, Zoe's friends and coworkers embark on a zany scheme to raise the money in two days. The result is a madcap adventure that will capture your heart and leave you with aching sides from laughing at the antics necessary to pull off the switch of the century. But that's only the beginning.
  In short, Zoe works for A.P.R., an upscale firm specializing in design services. When the kidnapper demands the outrageous fee for her return, a plan is hatched to switch a golden museum piece (the priceless mask of Agamemnon) for a bronze fake.
  This loveable comedy/mystery/drama would do well as a three-act play somewhere Off-Broadway. Loaded with snappy dialogue, it constantly put me in mind of a radio broadcast from the Thirties, complete with sound effects and plenty of wise-guy repartee. The scene where two of Zoe's friends from the office simulate an impending baby delivery on the museum steps is a particular highlight.
  Events take a serious turn, however, as the swap of money for Zoe -- set to take place at a blacks-only club in Boston Commons -- is botched and a wild melee ensues. And, in the middle of the action, someone is shot and rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
  Does Zoe ever gain her freedom? Does the wounded man -- who holds the key to Zoe's whereabouts -- ever recover? And what about A.P.R.'s bid to design an historic showplace for Agamemnon's mask?  You'll just have to download (or buy) this enthralling bit of fiction-based-on-fact and find out for yourself. Five stars to A.P.R., and a warm welcome to debut storyteller Candy St. James.

                             Don Sloan, President of Publishers Daily News, Baby-Boomer


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