Now Only $10.00!

Now Only $10.00!


A cold New England moonlit night held a few ominous clouds and a star filled sky as costume-clad “Trick 'r Treaters” filled the streets. On a door-to-door mission to collect enough sugary treats to satisfy a small army, young and old alike found this traditional night of evil a time for merriment and mischief.

Angie’s Hide-Away spared no expense to make this night a complete success. A banner hanging over the doorway, decorated with jack-o-lanterns, black cats, ghosts and goblins inviting all to join their celebration, was only the beginning.

Spider-webs and an eerie mist greeted all who passed through the now cave-like, bat-filled entrance, while a huge Gorilla in a pink tutu collected their coats at the door. Inside, each table was lit with assorted candle-filled skulls and mini jack-o-lanterns while ghost and goblins floated overhead ‘round bunches of black and orange balloons with matching streamers. The bar, decorated with balloons, pumpkins and black cats, was tended by a pretty girl in a vampire’s costume, complete with artificial blood dripping from her mouth.

 The music was blasting and all were adorned in their favorite costumes as they watched and danced along with Michael Jackson’s hit music video ‘Thriller’ playing on a huge screen, which provided a backdrop for the enlarged dance floor.

As the ninth hour drew near, Geoff along with the APR Four, headed to Angie’s Hide-Away in Boston Commons with Gladys and John-Henry leading the way. They didn’t notice Fletch following from a safe distance.  Finally, Angie’s was in sight. When they arrived, Gladys went in to ask for Lit’l Moe, as instructed. She wove her way through the bats and spider-webs only to be greeted by a huge Gorilla wearing a pink tutu.

                                                         *          *          *          *          *


Kaitlin froze as the out-of-control drunk reared back and swung.  Her fist seemed to come out of nowhere but the blow landed on Kate’s jaw knocking her off balance and sending her tray flying as she stumbled and fell into the crowd. Geoff and Jake turned and looked for the girls amidst the sound of the screams.  As men scrambled to help the women up, Geoff spotted Jillian, but Jake couldn’t find Kaitlin until he searched the room and caught a glimpse of some guy pulling her up from the floor by the arm.

Not knowing what had just happened, Jake quickly made his way to Kaitlin and slugged the guy saying, “Take your filthy hands off my wife.”

Kaitlin fell, again. Then it was on!  Fists and bodies went flying all over the place.